Dear, Fire Nation

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Dear, Fire Nation

Post  LordMason on Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:50 am

I the fire lord Mason have a few rules that you must obey by.
1. We do not hate the others nation, do not act as if we are in war.
2. I will build the capital city, you may build shops, houese and milatry buildings for it, you must provide the telle unles i ask for the room from you, then that is my job to provide the telle/
3. Your rank is either a citizan or a milatry ranks, i shall make the milatry ranks later.
4. Do not betray your nation, you will have no were to hide from us and are freinds, you will be caught and a reward given to the capture.
5. Trying to take my life will make you a rouge forever, you will not be able to hide anywere for i will see fit you die every hour.
6. I would love to hear from you, pleas send me a mesg of your concerns so that i can tend to them.
7. You serve your nation first, your freinds second, if you fail this then i will fource you to be a rouge and have a wanted poster.
8. I am the only one in the royal family as of know, i will tell you if you can be my child or not, do not ask.
9. Benfits to milatry members, but you must do more work.
10. Pleas be ready to fight for you never know when a nation will try to invade us.

Fire Royal Family
Fire Royal Family

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