News From the Tribe Leader

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News From the Tribe Leader

Post  Infamous02 on Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:02 pm

Listen as the Water Tribe Leader I will do so to try and keep us out of War with any of the other Nations. Also I will be making a badge that will have all of the Water Benders in it. If I find you betray the Water Nation you will be Sentence to Death. If you need help you may speak to my Generals before you may speak to the Lord. My Generals you will Mainly find them in the Water Temple. Also as your kids grow up they will be taught the ways of Water Bending at the age of 13 they will be shipped to my quaters and my Generals will train them so they may be ready for the comings ahead of them.

Lord Aang
Water Royal Family
Water Royal Family

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