The Inoue Family,The Royal Earth Family

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The Inoue Family,The Royal Earth Family

Post  Yuna&Tidus4Ever on Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:46 am

Name:Yuna Inoue

Home:Earth Kingdom

Description:Her parents Left Yuna.Then She Started a New Life Continueing.She Controls Three Elements.Then She Met A Boy Named
Xylander Imori.These Two Knew Eachother Better than Anything No matter What.Then Yuna Saw Her Parents when she hit 15.They turned into prisoners of The fire Nation.They Were Here To Assasinate Her.
So She Had No Choice But to kill them.Then no one saw yuna again.

Family:Her Family Was Known For Being Strong and Rich.Also The Fastest Family Ever Known in The nations.Then after the 2 first avatars left the family.Then Yuna Became The Third Avatar.She Wears Her Moms clothes and her dads necklace to remember them.Shes Now know To Be The 3rd Best Avatar.

Dream:Master All the Elements,Then To find Her True love,and tto stop this war that goes on with the fire nation.and to be a legend with her best friend Xylander Imori.
Earth Royal Family
Earth Royal Family

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Re: The Inoue Family,The Royal Earth Family

Post  phullonrapist on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:19 pm


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