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Lord Mason

Post  LordMason on Wed Jul 23, 2008 12:15 pm

Born and raised in Earth nation colonys, he worked his way to become the personal gaurd of the fire lord who is not to be named. While he was on "gaurd duty" he struck at the fire lord. It was a long and hard fight but Mason came out on top.

When Mason was young his family was pesents, and killed by earth bender. Mason was left alone. He trained himself so that he could someday take revenge and help take ba sing sei. He later learned from monks that he should search for peace. And for a while that worked but one day he was gaurding the fire lord and took at his oppertountys. He is hopeing to have no war for now, but he wants to find his older brother and put him to death. The last he knew he was hiding in the earth kingdom, but that was years ago.

His only true deam is to lead his nation into a eara of peace and prosperty. He also wants to end a certain nation but it will not be named. He treats the earth nation as his home nation and contues to do trade and help build it as long with his own nation.

Mason wears robes of the finest quilty and jewls of the richest mines. He strived to be the Fire Lord and he is trated as such. When his country is deying and fighting a war he will be fighting right along with them, unless he has a task else were.

Lord Mason, has no family but wishes for 4 sons and 2 daugters.

I wish you peace.

Fire Royal Family
Fire Royal Family

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Re: Lord Mason

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